Sensory item supplier in Malaysia. Whether it is for therapy center or home use, we can cater for your needs for an enriching sensory activities
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Global developmental delay (GDD) is defined as a delay in acquisition of two or more areas of developmental milestones. The delay may interrupt with activity daily living. Usually, delay in motor skills is more obvious compared to the other areas.

In addition, it can also overlap with other diagnoses such as autism, ADHD or intellectual disability. Talk to a professional if you suspect something is not right. The earlier, the better.

Early intervention will target the issue and improve the outcome. Parents should note that every baby develops differently thus the signs and symptoms will differ too between each child. Same goes with the treatment. One may respond faster or later than the others. Some may have delay for short term only, while others may experience severe conditions that require long term support.

Often it is not clear what is the root cause, however early intervention has been shown to be a great help. The type of therapies may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, early childhood special education, and behavioural therapy, depending on the area of developmental milestones affected. Medication may also be prescribed, especially to those with overlapped diagnoses.

With proper care, it is highly possible for them to grow into an independent adult. It sounds intimidating at first, but the joy of seeing the kids grow up is an ecstatic experience.