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Sensory item supplier in Malaysia. Whether it is for therapy center or home use, we can cater for your needs for an enriching sensory activities
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Thinking to set up a wholesome play space for your kids? Unsure what kind of items to choose? Why don’t you consider the following:


  1. Soft play

The idea behind soft play is to create a safe indoor playground using items with soft materials.  Soft play items have many different shapes and colours, and can be arranged in limitless ways possible depending on the user’s creativity and goals. It offers a fun way to develop strength, balance and motor skills as well as social interaction when the kids play with other friends or siblings.


Another advantage of soft play is its versatility. We can get it either in sets or as loose items and we are free to build our own play world according to our budget and space available. Besides, the arrangement is not permanent. It can be assembled and disassembled anytime with low maintenance.




  1. Swings

Swings can provide vestibular input to the users. The vestibular system is important as it gives information about movement, head and body positions, which affect our balance, muscle tone, postural control and coordination. There are many types of swings in the market that you can choose from such as platform swing, bolster swing, nest swings, and many more.


Depending on the type of swings used, they provide different sensory inputs and benefits. Few play ideas while swinging:

Play throw and catch

Aim and throw at a target

Pick and arrange toys from a point to another point



  1. Indoor climbing

Climbing activity offers a lot of benefits to the kids such as:

  • improve hand-eye coordination
  • strengthen muscles
  • build balance
  • stress reliever from the fun and enjoyment
  • provide sensory input


Make sure to put a crash pad or provide a safe padding on the floor as a safety measure in case the kids fall down. There are a few options for installation for indoor climbing such as using net, stall bar and rock climbing panel.


Sounds entertaining right? The best part is these ideas are ideal for adults too. A play room as a haven after a stressful day of work would make life merrier. Whether for physical or mental health purposes, an indoor play is a great choice.