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Covid19 pandemic hinders outdoor plays and activities to a great extent. It does not merely affect physical developments, but the lack of social interaction hinders communication and social-emotional development too. Worse, the usage of gadgets at home has increased exponentially to keep the children occupied. All these reasons contribute to the rising numbers of delayed development among children.

To prevent this occurrence or to stop the delay from progressing, where do we start?

First of all, children will always be children. The most effective method to nurture them is obviously through play! Parents can design an effective indoor play area that doesn’t require a huge area for their overall development by using already existing toys or tools. Let them play to their heart content to make up for the lack of opportunities of their growth throughout the pandemic. There are many types of plays that can be chosen and one of them is messy play.

As the name suggests, messy play involves the players and the area itself to be messy. The common items usually used are mud, play dough, water, sand, paint, glitters and many more. The setups and activities are based on our goals and creativities. The most important concept in messy play is exploration. We get the kids to be messy in order for them to explore all the senses in the world. Let them know how the colours turn out when they are mixed together. Let them mould various kinds of shapes with play dough. Let them feel the different textures of various kinds of toys.

When they are playing, the brain actively develops too. Playing with siblings and other family members encourages interaction that helps to expand their vocabulary and develop social skills. Designing an interactive and challenging game will develop gross motor and fine motor skills while encouraging a healthy social-emotional behaviour through the right guidance. Besides, they will learn about accountability when they clean up the space. This will teach them to be responsible for their actions.

Messy play is a fun activity not only to foster healthy developments but also a fun way to make memories and deepen the bonds with family members. Playing as a physical activity will promote better sleep too as well as acts as a stress reliever.

After knowing all these benefits, why don’t you start trying it today?