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Safety Measures for Sensory Room

Are you thinking to set up a sensory room? It is going to be an overwhelming and complicated experience if you don’t plan carefully. There are many components to be taken care of but now let’s focus on one aspect; SAFETY. Providing a safe environment for the children is the main key principle when setting up a sensory room.

We want them to explore the environment without hurting themselves in the process and thus main prevention measures have to be ensured. Firstly, we must make sure all electrical outlets and wiring are concealed and protected if they are within the children’s reach. Even if they are high on the walls or ceiling, the kids still can reach if they have something to climb on. So, avoid putting climbing stations near the area. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

Hyperactive kids especially are hard to control. A play space that’s supposed to be fun could turn into a horror tragedy if we are not careful. Therefore, installing the wall padding is important. It guards the kids from the hard-concrete walls and its shock absorption property can prevent injury. The height of the padding must exceed the height of the children and as for the colours, we recommend using dark and calming tones to not aggravate them.

Same thing applies for the floor. Children will get injured if they fall on the hard surface.

To prevent it, provide a crash pad or floor mat under climbing activity items. The whole room can also be covered with full floor padding for maximum protection against fall. Make sure the floor padding is not too soft to avoid difficulty walking on it, or too hard that hinders shock absorption during a fall.

Remember, safety aspect is not something that can be compromised. We believe that a good sensory room is also a safe haven for special kids. This is the place where they learn, play and explore. Making it fun and safe is a challenge, but the result would be worth it.